Free to download products for manufacture by the customer - first grade

DISTILLCOOKER material: $15.00 work: 37 min
Combined drinking water distiller and thermostat cooker
QUICKBREAD material: $0.50 work: 7 min 0.75 kg
Pre-sliced bread baked immediately after simple mixing of powder and water. Adjustable slice size, health optimized.
PLING material: $1.05 work: 4:30 min 1 liter
Bathroom and kitchen cleaner, removes fat and scale, makes shiny like a mirror. Nontoxic, biodegradable
CALCIUM material: $0.00 work: 1:16 h 100 g
Calcium dietary mineral supplement - calcium carbonate from natural source, sterilized powder. Prevents headaches, muscle cramps, bone deformities, bone fractures, osteoporosis.
RONJA material: $100.00 work: 70 hours 1 endpoint
Wireless optical datalink 10Mbps/1.4km full duplex. Red or infrared light, without laser. For computer network or Internet. 153 registered and 2000 estimated installations worldwide
PAPER BAGS material: $0.03 work: 20 min 10 pcs.
Paper bags for electronic components, reclosable, rewritable
SIX CREAM material: $9.00 work: 4 min 50g
Lubricant for ball bearings, low-friction, not only for skateboards
BASTARD material: $120.00 work: 3 hours
Skateboard, short, and agile
BOILING STONES material: $1.00 work: 40 min 200g
Chemical boiling stones (chips) from white porcelain
NA2CO3 material: $1.00 work: 15 min 500g
Anhydrous sodium carbonate (washing soda) from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
I2C2P material: $40.00 work: 3 hours 1 interface
I2C <-> Parallel port interface with bidirectional optical isolation powered directly from the parallel port
ATLAS material: $15.00 work: 10 hours
Wall monitor holder, heavy duty

Second grade - instructions not 100% detailed or buggy

RETUNE material: $12.00 work: 1 hour 40g
Anti-aging face lotion with coenzyme Q10 and AHA
EXCITER material: $150.00 work: 25 hours
Exercise bike with DC electric generator for 230V AC electronic appliances with switched mode power supplies. Voltage limiter 350V DC, 260W peak power